Central Post Office: After Eighty-Three Years, Still Letter Perfect

As the decade of the 1930s progressed, the firm of architect Wyatt Hedrick continued to pack the hottest drafting pencil in the West.

hedrick lancasterHedrick was turning a three-block stretch of Lancaster Avenue into a showcase of his firm’s artistry on a grand scale. His Texas and Pacific passenger terminal and Texas and Pacific freight terminal had opened in 1931. In 1933 his central post office would open. Inside and out, the post office would remain among the most photogenic buildings in town.

post office 11-20-30 dmnPlanning for the ambitious project began in 1930. On November 19 Hedrick presented preliminary sketches to the Treasury Department’s supervising architect. (Front Street soon would be renamed “Lancaster Avenue” in honor of T&P president John L. Lancaster.) Clip is from the November 20 Dallas Morning News.

post office 1-26-31 dmnOn January 25, 1931 Hedrick announced that construction bids on the $1.24 million ($17 million today) job would be advertised soon. Clip is from the January 26, 1931 Dallas Morning News.

post office contractOn July 9, 1931 the Dallas Morning News reported that a construction contract had been awarded.

post office almost open 2-3-33In February 1933 the Star-Telegram published a sneak preview of the new post office.

post office citizens inspect 2-33Two weeks later the public viewed the new post office, which replaced the facility in the 1896 federal building/post office on Jennings Avenue.

Some views of Wyatt Hedrick’s central post office:

post office wide

columns central postFor the post office Hedrick began with beaux arts and classical styles, . . .

look up main post office cow capital look up main post office 1933but gave the building a Cowtown twist.

detail post officeTable leg in the lobby.

ceiling main post2Lobby ceiling.

mythical main post officelight post officelook up lamp t&p 2Lamppost with the T&P freight terminal in the background.

columns main post officecorner post office selook up main post office detail 2look up post office door 2animals post office lightFeet of a lamp post.

lion main postlight main post inside footFeet of a lamp base in the lobby.

door post office detailOrnamentation on an entrance.

underfoot post office with arrowsIt took a lot of shoe leather to wear these depressions in the marble floor in front of teller’s cages in the lobby.

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  1. Keith Robinson says:

    Fascinating stuff Mike. I always look forward to your travels around town.

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