Cowtown Yoostabes: Neighborhood Grocery Stores

Remember them? Not that long ago every neighborhood had at least one grocery store. Usually they were on a corner. Sometimes they were tiny, no larger than the houses that surrounded them; sometimes the proprietor lived in the same building. Here are four buildings that used to be neighborhood groceries.

Henry Sawyer built this building on South Main at Daggett as a grocery store in 1909 after the great South Side fire of that year destroyed his previous building. He operated a grocery there into the early 1920s.


By 1888 Sawyer already was operating a grocery store and living at that location.

The building that houses the venerable Paris Coffee Shop on Magnolia Street once was a Safeway store.

This building on the near South Side is on May Street, but the main house (in right background) faces West Leuda. The house was built by brick contractor William Graham as his own residence.

About 1920 the Graham outbuilding was converted to house Graham Bros. grocery store. Because the Graham house was built in 1910, the outbuilding may have originally been a carriage house. (Photo from Amon Carter Museum.)

On the near East Side, this building on the corner of Tennessee Avenue at 1201 East Leuda was built about 1911. It long ago lost its face: awning, windows, door.

But almost a century ago Adolph Schilder operated a grocery store in that building. It continued to be a grocery store into the 1930s. Tomorrow we’ll hear the story of a woman who very likely was a customer.

Tomorrow: Verbatim (Part 1): “I’se Bo’n in Slavetime”

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