Belly Up to the Bombproof Fountain

fountain austin school

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  1. Al Garcia says:

    I, appreciate your results. The Austin playground water fountain
    Stirs memories of my first drink taken at northwest playground fountain near the slide by the incinerator. I attended Circle Park Elementary in 1945.
    The following year I the transfer to the architecturally beautiful MG Ellis where I drank from the bomb proof fountain again.
    JP ELDER and Northside had these fountains as well.
    MG ELLIS,in perticular and it’s water fountains photo lagacy
    are a rare fine.
    I, have found a few of MG Ellis pics online. I discovered one
    With a horse drawn fire engine but since lost its Web photo location.
    Shouldn’t the Fort Worth Independent School District’s archives preserved such photos or Blueprints of their charge
    as a legacy to their accomplishments?
    How can one appeal to the general public to search and share
    family photos of MG Ellis and other Fort Worth schools.
    Of late one such Ellis pic has appeared in Jim Whites wonderful Web site.
    I discovered an indoor pic of my sister at circa 1948 MG ELLIS that is identified by the classic sunburst over door entrance.
    Al Garcia

    • hometown says:

      Thank you, Al Garcia. The Billy W. Sills archive of FWISD has a collection of photos of schools, including schools older than Ellis. I would not be surprised if the archive has a photo. I suspect that the round concrete fountain was standard issue for schools. D. McRae and John Peter Smith schools also had them.
      Quentin McGown’s photo

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