The Year Was 1930: Creomulsion Soothes, “But Her Body and Soul Yearned”

The year was 1930. The 3M company put Scotch Tape on the market. In Germany Danish painter Einar Wegener began sexual-reassignment surgery and adopted the name “Lili Elbe.” Clarence Birdseye began selling his frozen foods in Springfield, Massachusetts. Marquis James’s biography of Sam Houston,  The Raven, won a Pulitzer Prize. And readers of the Star-Telegram read:

west van zandtWest Van Zandt School, located at 1112 Burleson Street (University Drive today) at West Lancaster, had a champion girls’ indoor baseball team.

ovaltineOvaline was the “new pick-up drink from Switzerland.”

studebakerThe former wagon manufacturer was selling its Studebaker Six for $895.

facesThis illustration presents the ideal of womanhood in 1930.

creomulsionIf you’ve ever been dosed with Creomulsion (still on the market), you probably vowed never to get sick again in order to avoid that taste.

theater 2 majesticAt the opulent Majestic Theater on Commerce Street, Constance Bennett was “just his secretary, but her body and soul yearned.” Mercy.

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5 Responses to The Year Was 1930: Creomulsion Soothes, “But Her Body and Soul Yearned”

  1. DONNA CREWS says:

    I personally love the taste of creomlsion for children. I still seek it out!

    • hometown says:

      I envy you your taste buds, Donna. I can’t vouch for the children’s formula, but the adult formula was nasty stuff.

  2. Janet Felks says:

    Creomulsion is the most effective OTC cough syrup there is ! For chest congestion it can’t be beat.. customer for 56 yrs

  3. sara denise raxter says:

    I love Creomulsion cough syrup and it’s the only kind i will use!

  4. Eric T says:

    In 1938 the Majestic Theater sold a Kilgen theatrical pipe organ to a Lutheran church that was located at May and West Cannon. The church used the organ for thirty years in two different locations.

    I don’t know if that Kilgen was the Majestic’s only organ.

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