Cool It! Pull Up a Porch and Sit a Spell

The summer heat has moderated at last, and we can sit outside once more without the need for a body squeegee. That’s porch weather! Here are some porches (all of them at least eighty years old) seen downtown and on all four sides of town:

porch allenHouse (1920) on Allen Street on the near East Side. Note the half-cove shingles.

porch grand ross 1917Waddy R. Ross house (1917) on Park Street at Grand Avenue on the North Side.

porch grand 1930On Grand Avenue (1930).

porch on mayHouse (1920) on May Street on the near South Side.

porch dulaneyOilman Richard Otto Dulaney’s house (1923) on Elizabeth Boulevard.

porch st. pat rectoryRectory (1908) of St. Patrick Cathedral.

porch talbott-wallTalbott-Wall house (1903) on Samuels Avenue. Note the quatrefoil.

porch pollock-cappsPollock-Capps house (1899), a Quality Hill survivor on Penn Street, named for physician Joseph Pollock and attorney William Capps.

Ball-Eddleman-McFarland house (1899) next to Pollock-Capps.

porch hi mount 1925House (1925) on Bunting Avenue in Hi Mount on the near West Side.

“Well,” I hear an indignant lady on College Avenue sniff, “these are all well and good, but what about Fairmount? Why is it not represented here?”
Fairmount is a sitter-certified porchapalooza: Porch Weather: Six on the South Side

Sit a Spell and Raise a Glass of Tea to Front Porches Past

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4 Responses to Cool It! Pull Up a Porch and Sit a Spell

  1. Nancy Brownlee says:

    I mourn the disappearance of screened sleeping porches- both sets of my grandparents had them off of the bedrooms, and there was no sweeter sleeping. I suppose they’ve all been enclosed, now- or torn off.

    • hometown says:

      Yeah, when people need more “living space” the porch and garage get sacrificed. Can you imagine a teenager being forced to sit for an hour on a front porch without any kind of electronic connection to the outside world? But, hey, I curl into the fetal position myself when my electricity has been out an hour.

  2. Earl Clark says:

    Fantastic blog today and the blog in general!

    My hometown is Mineral Wells but we did so much in FW during my growing up, I view FW as my second home. I also lived there several years in later life although I’ve been back in MW for 8 years.


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