Hello, Walls: When Corners Are a Canvas

Call it “artitecture”: the art that architects create in the design of our public buildings. Here are a dozen artistic corners of buildings, all at least eighty-five years old.

corner hotel texas 2012Hotel Texas (Sanguinet and Staats, 1921).

corner binyonBinyon-O’Keefe Storage (Sanguinet and Staats, 1917).

corner flatironFlatiron (Sanguinet and Staats, 1907).

corner fort worth clubFort Worth Club (Sanguinet and Staats, 1925).

corner gasLone Star Gas (Hedrick, 1929).

corner woolworthWoolworth Building (Clarkson, 1926).

exchange JE cornerThe JEfferson telephone exchange building (1927) in Poly.

power cornerThe power plant (1913) on North Main.

f&m corner transportFarmers and Mechanics National Bank Building (Sanguinet and Staats, 1920).

corner burk burnettBurk Burnett Building (Sanguinet and Staats, 1914).

corner t&p freight 1Texas & Pacific freight terminal (Hedrick, 1931).

corner main post office insideCentral post office (Hedrick, 1933).

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2 Responses to Hello, Walls: When Corners Are a Canvas

  1. Nancy Brownlee says:

    Aren’t we lucky, to have so much great art deco left intact- and now, restored and in use, again – when so many cities demolished their own, in the name of ‘progress and improvement’? (I’m looking at you, Dallas- and Houston.)

    • hometown says:

      We are lucky, Nancy. Although we have let too many gems disappear, but we have also saved many. As in any city, our classics are now dwarfed by our skyscrapers. I spent an hour yesterday on the levee looking at the western skyline as I shot time-lapse video of the sunset. Every building tall enough to be seen from that position has a skin of blue glass.

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