First United Methodist Church (Part 2): A Beatitude in Brick

On October 30, 1930—one year and one day after breaking ground—the congregation of First Methodist Church walked en masse from its old home (see Part 1) to its new home four blocks away. The building was designed by church member Wiley Clarkson.

Some views of the First United Methodist Church building:

church first unitedlook up first united niche closelook up first united tower topentry first united methodist

look up first methodist archeslook up first united reveal

glass first methodist 1night first methodistYou can gain a fuller appreciation of this grand edifice by picking out a motif—such as the quatrefoil—and following it around the building.

look up first united methodist quatrefoilFour quatrefoils.

Three quatrefoils.

Six quatrefoils.

look up first united quatrefoil threeNine quatrefoils.


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  1. Mellinda Timblin says:

    It’s a good thing that God doesn’t get tired. He can dance all night and dance a little longer. For myself, I think I’m about ready to go home.

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