Cowtown Votes “Yea” to “Neigh”: Horse Highly Rated in Latest Gallop Poll

The horse, like the panther and the longhorn, has a prominent place in Fort Worth history and thus in Fort Worth public art.

The entrance of Greenwood Memorial Park (1909) on White Settlement Road. The quadriga (four horses abreast) has long been a symbol of victory.

Metal sculpture on Handley Drive.

Topiary on Main Street downtown.

At the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame on Gendy Street.

horse sundanceOn Sundance Square.

horse wr equestrian 1At the Will Rogers complex.

horse mural exchangeMural on the Marine Creek tunnel under Exchange Avenue.

Horse fountain at the courthouse.

Stockyards National Bank building (1910) on Exchange Avenue.

On Sylvania Avenue.

Trinity Park has a memorial to Fort Worth firefighters and police officers who were killed in the line of duty.

horse north main 2On North Main Street.

horse north mainOn North Main Street.

Vaquero de Fort Worth on North Main Street.

horse trough waggonerA water trough in a commercial park off Six Flags Road is all  that remains of W. T. Waggoner’s Arlington Downs racetrack.

face will rogers and soap sudsWill Rogers on Soapsuds at—where else?—the Will Rogers complex.

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2 Responses to Cowtown Votes “Yea” to “Neigh”: Horse Highly Rated in Latest Gallop Poll

  1. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog/website/photos. I am a 4th generation Ft. Worthian even though I live west of Tarrant Co. about 10 miles. (Parents are turning over in their grave I’m sure). I am surprised not to see Will Rogers statue at the coliseum on this horsey page but I’m sure someday it will be. I do hope I am on your e-mail or whatever list as I’d like to know when you post new items. I looked for a subscribe button but couldn’t find one. Thanks again for this nice publication and your excellent photos.

    • hometown says:

      Thanks, Kay. Lots more horses in my stable of photos-to-come. Been out to the statue a couple of times to try to get better light on Will and Soapsuds, but that horse is always headed into the sunset.

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