Art Decow

After the classic architecture of Sanguinet and Staats during the first quarter of the twentieth century came the art deco of Clarkson, Hedrick, and others during the thirties. The Sinclair Building (1930, Clarkson) and the Texas & Pacific passenger terminal (1931, Hedrick) are probably Fort Worth’s best-known examples of art deco. But there are others. Here are a half dozen lesser-known art decos de Cowtown:

Lone Star Gas building (1929, Hedrick).

Elevator door of the Kress building (1936, Edward F. Sibbert).

U.S. Courthouse (1933, Cret and Clarkson).

Western Union building (1931, James B. Davies Sr.).

Haltom Theater (1941). The theater opened the day after Pearl Harbor.

Handrail (1938) along the sidewalk steps leading from the corner of Lancaster and Summit up to Penn Street.

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