902 South Jennings: The House That Pasta Built

John B. Laneri had a long career in the food-service business in Fort Worth, first at Ginocchio’s Hotel beside the 1882 train depot located at today’s Tower 55, then at the 1899 depot, then in partnership with Louis Bicocchi in the Fort Worth Macaroni Company.

laneri 1905 cdLaneri also was vice president of Martin Casey & Co. wholesale liquors.

grand laneri 3Laneri lived at 902 South Jennings Avenue at the corner of Terrell Avenue.

laneri to build 3-15-04 teleOn March 15, 1904 the Telegram reported that construction was progressing on the $15,000 ($383,000 today) home. The house was designed by L. B. Weinman, who also designed the James F. Moore house.

laneri-house-1912-cdThe Laneri house is located in a patch of the near South Side that is rich in Fort Worth history. The 1912 city directory shows that B. B. Paddock lived across the street from John Laneri; down the street, opposite the second Fort Worth High School (Central High School, 1911), lived Elizabeth J. Daggett, widow of Ephraim Beck Daggett, who was son of Ephraim Merrell and father of Jeff. On Jennings Avenue at Rosedale Street is the 1910 Rosedale phone exchange building.


This map locates:

SP 1919 St. Paul Lutheran Church
PB 1905 planbook house
ML 1904 Maxwell-Liston house
M 1911 William Monnig house
G 1910 William Graham house and garage. The garage became a neighborhood grocery store. Graham’s construction company built the new high school on Jennings Avenue.
L 1904 Laneri house
P B. B. Paddock house
D Elizabeth J. Daggett house
AH 1909 Eleventh Ward (Alexander Hogg) School
RO 1910 Rosedale phone exchange building

(All survive except the Paddock and Daggett houses.)

mac laneri obit 2-15-35 dmnOn February 14, 1935 John B. Laneri died. Clip is from the February 15, 1935 Dallas Morning News.

laneri graveJohn B. Laneri is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Some more views of the Laneri house:

spires laneriwindow lanerilaneri center

laneri left

look up laneri 2porches lanerilaneri detail 3laneri detail 2laneri detail 1According to Tarrant Appraisal District, the building is owned by Pepito Properties.

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7 Responses to 902 South Jennings: The House That Pasta Built

  1. Jason luper says:

    This house is evil I tell ya it’s EVIL!!!

  2. Mickey says:

    Thanks for the info. I admire this beautiful house every time I drive by.

  3. Cara says:

    Love the website! Any information on what that home is being used for these days? A residence or office?

    Thanks so much!!

    • hometown says:

      Thanks, Cara. It housed a law firm at one time but has been vacant every time I have stopped by the last few years.

  4. peterk says:

    Do you know if Laneri street in Dallas (just east of Central Expressway) was named for John Laneri?

    • hometown says:

      Because Laneri lived, worked, and died in Fort Worth, my guess is that the Dallas street is not named for him. Possibly for a relative.

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