Cowtown Yoostabes, Vaughn Boulevard Edition: Driving the Middle-Class Mile

Time for a second trip down Memory Lane, better known as Vaughn Boulevard, the Middle-Class Mile (see Part 1).

vaughn 1957 cdVaughn Boulevard in the 1957 city directory.

vaughn alleyMost of the residential streets that intersect Vaughn Boulevard have alleys. This aerial photo shows the alley between Avenues L and M.

yoostabe vaughn alleyAlthough most of the alleys have been sealed off at the ends of each block, the alley between Avenues L and M is still open. Adults, of course, laid out alleys to accommodate utilities and garbage trucks. But when we were kids, alleys—no matter how forbidding, no matter how goathead-carpeted or broken glass-littered, no matter how barking dog-infested—were our expressways. We took short-cuts down alleys, climbed over fences, and cut across the front and back yards of all neighbors, even Mr. Garrett the grouch. And lived to tell about it.

yoostabe vaughn dukeAt Thannisch Avenue, this yoostabe the café of Raymond and Juanita Duke. Daughter Dianne Duke Robinett attended D. McRae, William James, and Poly schools. She died at age thirty-nine, outliving her father by thirteen years, her mother by only two years.

yoostabe vaughn crum watchBack when watches were not disposable, John Crum had a repair shop next to Duke’s café.

yoostabe vaughn poly drugAt Strong Avenue, this church yoostabe Poly Serval Drugstore. The combined smells of this store’s varied stock gave it, like the Mott’s on Rosedale, a composite scent like no other.

yoostabe vaughn worth storeWorth Food Store was next to Poly Drug.

yoostabe vaughn westernerAt Strong Avenue, on this lot yoostabe the Westerner drive-in restaurant.

yoostabe vaughn lyles dairyAt Fitzhugh Avenue, this yoostabe Lyles Dairy.

yoostabe vaughn quinn tvAcross Vaughn from Lyles was Jimmy Quinn’s TV repair shop. The current owner told me that when he bought the building, the attic was filled with old new television sets.

yoostabe vaughn dairy queenAt Crenshaw Avenue, this slab yoostabe the Dairy Queen, home of that addictive soft serve ice cream. And see the white car parked on Crenshaw? Where that contemporary brick house is yoostabe the frame house of the family of Luke Aunquoe.

lukeLuke and I were buddies in junior high and tramped many a mile together. Once we walked to a dry cleaners on Forest Park Boulevard to sell coat hangers for spending money. Luke, a member of the Kiowa tribe, died in 1999 and is buried in the family cemetery in Kiowa County, Oklahoma.

yoostabe vaughn manningAcross Crenshaw Avenue from Dairy Queen was Manning’s Surplus Store.

vaughn tunnel panelThe storm drain tunnel in the bend of Vaughn at Ada Avenue. Ah, but that will be a topic of the third and final post on the Middle-Class Mile: Cowtown Yoostabes, Vaughn Boulevard Edition: Don’t Be Afraid of . . . The Dark.

yoostabe vaughn poly hardware unmarkedDo you know what this building yoostabe?

yoostabe vaughn poly ace hardwareThat’s a trick question. This is not a yoostabe. This is a still-is. A real rarity on the Middle-Class Mile. In fact, it is perhaps the only still-is on Vaughn Boulevard. After almost sixty years Poly Hardware still is operated by the Robbins family. The store has passed from brothers Joe and Bill to son Terry to grandson Robert. As a kid I bought fishing tackle and BBs for my Daisy air rifle at Poly Hardware.

yoostabe vaughn duaneDuane has been a sales clerk at Poly Hardware for forty years. He told me that, alas, the store no longer sells fishing tackle and BBs. Just as well, I guess. I’d probably just put some bluegill’s eye out.

Want to take a narrated video tour of the Middle-Class Mile from Poly Freeway to Rosedale and back? Then buckle up and please keep your head and arms inside the vehicle at all times:

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    Where’s the Poly Theatre? Or did I miss it?

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