Engine 2248: Time Traveler

puffy main en route silhouetteToday, as Amtrak begins its National Train Days celebration of rail travel, here’s a second video clip (see A Time Machine Named “Puffy”: Next Stop, 1896) of our cast-iron time machine, engine 2248, as it travels from today to yesterday, from Grapevine to the Stockyards, passing under I-35 and Long Avenue and crossing Northeast 23rd Street beside the Swift packing plant:

Giving equal time to the twenty-first century, here are Amtrak passenger:

and Union Pacific freight trains:

More train videos:

Still dream of steam? Watch two video clips of Union Pacific engine 844’s visit to Fort Worth: Pumping Iron: The Past Makes a Whistle Stop

And “I think I can, I think I can” remember this little train:

Forest Park Miniature Train: The Little Engine That Could

Still more train videos:

Cowtown in Motion: Rock Island Line
Cowtown in Motion: Slow Train Draggin’
Cowtown in Motion: Big Trains, Little Trains
Cowtown in Motion: “All Aboard!”
Cowtown in Motion: “May I Have This Dance?”: Engine 2248 on the Turntable

Other posts about Fort Worth’s railroad history:

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Grapevine Vintage Railroad website

More views of engine 2248:

puffy steam

puffy driving wheel brake head sand tube puffy tools

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