“Any Children in the House?” Before They Made History, They Made Mud Pies

These census forms enumerate some to-be-famous people when they were still knee high to a demographic:

parker fess-1930-census-1024x344Fess Parker, born in Fort Worth in 1924, was five in Tom Green County in 1930.

parker bonnie 1920 cement city dallas countyAnother Parker, Bonnie, was nine in Cement City, Dallas County in 1920.

barrow ellis 1910Clyde Barrow was one in Ellis County in 1910.

bc 5-24-34Bonnie and Clyde would grow up to be ambushed and killed on this date in 1934.

wills leon county 1910James Robert “Bob” Wills was five in Leon County in 1910.

wills obit 5-14Bob Wills would die in Fort Worth on May 13, 1975.

nelson 1940Willie Hugh Nelson was six in Hill County in 1940.

hollyCharles Hardin Holley, known to the world as “Buddy Holly,” was three in Lubbock in 1940.

mudgett gilmanton nh 1870Herman Webster Mudgett (serial killer Dr. Henry Howard Holmes) was nine in New Hampshire in 1870. Twenty-three years later he would come to Fort Worth.

ike abilene kansas 1900Dwight David Eisenhower was nine in Abilene, Kansas in 1900.

capone 1900 1940Alphonse Gabriel Capone was two in Brooklyn in 1900. By 1940 he was in Miami, where he listed his residence in 1935 as prison in California (Alcatraz).

landry 1930Tom Landry was five in Hidalgo County in 1930.

jfk brookline mass 1920John F. Kennedy was two and a half in Massachusetts in 1920.

oswald 1940 NOLee Harvey Oswald was five months in New Orleans in 1940.

boothJohn Wilkes Booth was twelve when attending school (probably Milton Boarding School for Boys) in Baltimore County in 1850. His middle initial was incorrectly listed as M.

earhartAmelia Earhart was twelve in Des Moines, Iowa in 1910.

earhart Ameliachild wikiAmelia Earhart. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

hughes 1910Howard Hughes was four in Harris County in 1910.

hughes Howard_Hughes_1912Howard Hughes in 1912. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

lbj 1910 gillespieLyndon Baines Johnson was one in Gillespie County in 1910.

LBJ kid lyndon_B._Johnson 7LBJ at age seven. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

edison ohio 1847Thomas Alva Edison (enumerated as “Alana”) was three in Milan township, Ohio in 1850.

Edison wikipediaYoung Thomas Edison. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

roosevelt 1860Theodore Roosevelt was three in New York City in 1860. He would visit Fort Worth in 1905.

roosevelt at 11 wikiTeddy Roosevelt at eleven. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

elvis 1940 lee county missElvis Presley was five in Lee County, Mississippi in 1940.

elvis in fwStar-Telegram writer Elston Brooks, at age twenty-six, was already a veteran journalist in April 1956 when Elvis performed at North Side Coliseum and got Cowtown all shook up.

elvis 7-8-56 dmnTwo years later, while training at Fort Hood, Elvis was shake, rattle, and rolling again: Highway patrolman B. G. Adams gave Private Presley a speeding ticket in south Tarrant County.

elvis 1937Private Presley at two: ain’t nothin’ but a hound pup.

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