Airfield Falls: What the Rain Hath Wrought

Geology and gravity give us this video postcard of a scene just east of the naval air station as some of our recent record rainfall cascades down the ancient limestone steps of Airfield Falls on its way to the Trinity River and the Gulf of Mexico.

Video viewable in high definition:

Meanwhile, on the Clear Fork:

Come What May: 35 Trillion Gallons of Rain

And at Lake Worth:

Wet and Wild: One of Our Waterfalls Is Missing

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2 Responses to Airfield Falls: What the Rain Hath Wrought

  1. Jack Adkison says:

    Thanks for showing the Trinity River at River Oaks,all the TV stations think the only Trinity River is in Dallas….We have seen that large lake and strange bridge every day..Fort Worth has a Lake also…Lake Worth…Thanks for showing it…This happens about every 8 Years…Quite a show…!

    • hometown says:

      Thanks, Mr. Adkison. I love to photograph the Trinity and its tributaries, especially when they’re putting on a show.

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