Wet and Wild: One of Our Waterfalls Is Missing

The photo below shows what the area behind the Lake Worth dam in Marion Sansom Park normally looks like: The spillway of the dam is high and dry, the trees are fully visible, and the wide limestone ledge that forms a waterfall on the Trinity River is doing only moderate business.

dam fallsAh, but then came the record rainfall of May. The video clip below (viewable in high definition) shows that area in early June. Water from the lake is pouring over the spillway, trees are submerged, and the waterfall is an underwaterfall—it has been swallowed by the flooded river.

Meanwhile, over on the Clear Fork:

Come What May: 35 Trillion Gallons of Rain

And downstream at River Legacy Park:
On the River, the Legacy of Monsoon May: Mud and Flood
Other local waterfalls:

Airfield Falls: What the Rain Hath Wrought

Cowtown in Motion: Waterfalls! In Fort Worth?

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