Century Club, Fairmount Edition: Home, Sweet Hundred

These houses in Fairmount are at least a century old:

eitelman 1816 nowEitelman house, 1909, College Avenue. Michael Eitelman was a blacksmith. House was built by son-in-law Andrew Gilchrist, a stonemason.

eitelman 1812 then and nowEitelman house, 1903, College Avenue. Next door to Michael Eitelman lived son Edward. Most of the original house has been obscured by expansion.

fence on washingtonCowan house, 1901, Washington Avenue. Andrew Cowan was a stonemason.

steps 2221 lipscomb 1914 stone masonHuffman house, 1914, Lipscomb Street. J. B. Huffman was a stonemason.

century 1330 6th lusher 1895Lusher house, 1895, 6th Avenue. Henry W. Lusher was a partner in Lusher & Rockett, a planing mill.

century alston locklearStuckert house, 1914, 2109 Alston Avenue. James Lamar Stuckert was manager of W. T. Farley Credit Clothing. His wife was Ethel Mulkey of the family prominent in Fort Worth Methodism.

locklear 1913 cdThe Stuckert house is believed to have been built by wingwalker Ormer Locklear. Before World War I Locklear was, like his father James, a carpenter. The Locklears lived on Ireland Street (now Cannon Street) on the near South Side. (Locklear’s wedding and funeral were held at Mulkey Memorial Methodist Church, named for Ethel Stuckert’s grandparents, Reverend William Aken and Annis Mulkey.)

fence on collegeRoy house, 1906, College Avenue. This turreted Queen Anne was moved to its current location from the Edna Gladney Home on Hemphill Street. Robert E. Lee Roy was a district judge.

chase 3 with markerJohnson house, 1912, Chase Court. Clay Johnson was a physician and civic leader.

yellow hurleyHarding house, 1910, Hurley Avenue. W. F. Harding was a railroad postal clerk.

grand 2212 college 1913This house with horseshoe gables on College Avenue was built in 1913. Its occupant in 1914 was contractor William W. McCaskill, who may have built the house.

yellow stearns 1909 on lipscombStearns house, 1909, Lipscomb Street. This house probably was built from a planbook. Frank L. Stearns was a plumber.

house 1404 adamsThis 1912 house at 1404 South Adams Street in Swastika Place addition is another Wilson planbook house. Its occupant in 1912 was Ira A. Turner, a traveling salesman.

hurley 1801 wilsonThis 1914 house at 1801 Hurley Avenue is another Wilson planbook house. Its occupant in 1914 was Ernest R. Scougale, a court stenographer.

benton wide with fenceAnd finally, the creme de la (Jersey) Cream: the Benton house, 1898, 6th Avenue. Meredith Azro Benton sold tobacco for Lorillard, was an officer of American Seed Company and Jersey Cream Company.

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