Man with Briefcase and No Goldfish

Remember when Burnett Park had that big central pond with goldfish?

Well, ten years ago the city remodeled the park, furloughed the goldfish (probably just days before their retirement), and now instead we have Man with Briefcase, artist Jonathan Borofsky’s fifty-foot-tall brushed-aluminum ultimate office worker. Since 2002 Briefcase Man has been perpetually walking to or from the office. Either way, his feet must be killing him.

I spent some time with him Monday night.

The unkindest cut of all: As the sun sets, a jet’s contrail slices across Briefcase Man. Human Resources will have an insurance form for that.

Dress for success: Lights atop the Omni Hotel give Briefcase Man just what an office worker needs—a white collar.

“If I only had a heart”: Like the Tin Man, the aluminum man wants only to have a heart. And for a brief time, as the full moon rises, he has.

A lightbulb goes off: Briefcase Man gets an idea (“I think I’ll call in sick tomorrow.”)

This just in: Transit of Venus on Tuesday night. Venus is the speck at about two o’clock on the sun face.


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