After All, There’s a Tee in “Theology”

St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church on Missouri Avenue is a handsome church.

It was built in 1905 as Missouri Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. (Postcard from Barbara Love Logan.)

The building replaced one that had burned in 1904.

It’s located just a block east of I-35 near Hattie, but you can’t see it well from the freeway.

The building was designed by pioneer Dallas architect James Edward Flanders (1849-1928). Such towers—these are stamped metal—were his signature. Flanders also designed the courthouses of Shackleford (Albany) and Stephens (Breckenridge) counties.

The man who became St. Andrew was martyred in Greece during the first century A.D. He was the brother of St. Peter and is thought to have been younger, so when Andrew reached the pearly gates, he probably got a noogie.

St. Andrew is the patron saint of (among other groups) golfers.

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