Our Back Pages: Wild and Woolly

Here are some ads and articles from the Fort Worth Gazette of the 1890s that show what life was like.

For two bits you could stroll into Gutzman’s downtown barber shop and take a rainwater bath.

Then you could walk down the street and buy the latest in men’s bowler hats at L. August or a corset at W. H. Taylor.

No bowler hats for these lads from the “old country.” Nosireebob. They were a-hankerin’ to be cowboys in the wild West. Yee-hah! Wouldn’t you love to know how it all turned out?

Developer John C. Ryan is known for upscale Ryan Place/Elizabeth Boulevard. Prospect Heights, near Paschal High School, was his middle-class development. Prices of these homes were $1,500 and $650.

Long before there was the Lake Worth Monster, there was the “wooly wild man.” He probably just needed a rainwater bath and a bowler hat.

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