Head ’Em Up, Move ’Em Out

Some longhorns seen around Cowtown:

Frieze of the Tarrant County Corrections Center downtown.

The Brand Inspector by Jim Reno, 1983, at the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation on West 7th Street.

A cast-iron water meter cover.

If you know where this maverick grazes, go to the head of the herd. I spotted it from the air. Well, from the cyberair: I was peering down at the Trinity River on Google Earth. This longhorn is on the lawn of a fenced residential compound between the levee and White Settlement Road.

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2 Responses to Head ’Em Up, Move ’Em Out

  1. Steve A says:

    That bottom cow looks like it might have been rustled from the Southlake herd. It wouldn’t be the first time one of those gaudy creatures has wound up in Fort Worth. The 2008 event was the last I know of.

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