Cowtown Yoostabes, “Neither Rain nor Snow” Edition: Postmortem

These ten buildings yoostabe post offices, but they long ago sorted their last Christmas card.

corner melton exchange

At 300 West Exchange Avenue on the North Side. This building, with its wonderful brick corbeling, was built around 1909 to house the Stockyards branch post office.

brooks cdAs the ghost sign on the wall shows, the building also housed Frank Brooks’s grocery. The upper floor was a boardinghouse. The building later housed a hotel. It now houses Pearl’s Dancehall & Saloon.

On Northwest 24th Street just off Main Street. Built in 1930. This was the second Stockyards branch post office. The building now houses a counseling service.

On Handley Drive. In 1931 William and Rose Weiler had the Handley post office built next door to their house (shingled gable visible at right). Mr. Weiler also had office space in the building. Mrs. Weiler had been postmistress in the 1920s when the post office was housed in an earlier building. This building now houses a real estate company.

On East Rosedale. Built in 1928. In operation into the 1950s. Afterward it housed a furniture store, then a salvage company, and then cobwebs and dust. Update: This building was demolished in 2016.

post poly

The Poly substation on Vaughn Boulevard is now a Fresh Start House for veterans.

post townsend

The Berry Street substation on Townsend Street is now a Goodwill store.

post willingAnother Berry Street substation (1950) was at 3100 Willing Avenue, now a church.

post sylvania wide

post sylvania bird

The Sylvania substation at 2925 Race Street. The building has been damaged by fire. Housed a restaurant in the recent past. Race Street is being rejuvenated, and this fine building might find new life.

post erieThe post office at 3115 Erie Street in Handley is now a sound studio.

post seminaryThe post office at 3151 East Seminary Drive is now a liquor store.

post offices 1952Fort Worth post office locations in 1952.

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  1. I saw the demolition of the Rosedale post office back in June 2016. Probably all cleaned up by now, I hope. Lots of bricks there to use as ammo. I recall the old Glencrest station now moved around corner on Wichita Street. On a side note, my mailman works out of that station. Wednesday 7/13/16 his truck went kaput. They had a tow truck, a second mail truck changing mail from truck to truck.

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