Tap Your Toe, Cowtown: There’s Music Underfoot

Fort Worth puts music history right under our noses—and right under our feet—at the Stockyards and at Evans Avenue Plaza. These plaques set in the sidewalk honor musicians who lived and/or performed in Fort Worth:

Watch Wills:

Watch Coleman:

underfoot autryWatch Autry:

underfoot edwardsWatch Edwards:

underfoot redmanWatch Redman:

underfoot gimble

Watch Gimble:

underfoot ritterWatch Ritter:

Watch Tubb:

Lee “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” Hazlewood produced Sharpe’s “Linda Lu” in 1959, and the song certainly has had legs, having been covered by a slew of folks, including Tom Jones, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs, Bobby Vee, Roy Clark, and the Rolling Stones.

Listen to Sharpe:

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8 Responses to Tap Your Toe, Cowtown: There’s Music Underfoot

  1. Phil Vinson says:

    How can anyone with any sense of aesthetics listen to Ornette
    Coleman and call it anything but noise. This guy is a con man, who faked his way to fame among people eager to say the emperor was wearing clothes. Not music.

    • J. Stiles says:

      Music means a lot of things to a lot of people. Jazz of any kind is not necessarily simple or easy to play or sing or dance to. Free jazz more so than others I would say. If Coleman was a fake, he was surely a talented one. His playing in “The Shape of Jazz to Come” does not sound fraudulent to me. You should give it a listen!

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