Plumb Purty

Are you feeling downright upright? Good. Because today’s photo theme is verticality.

Points well taken:

Weathervanes atop the cupolas of Poly (top) and Arlington Heights high schools (1937). (In the Poly photo, the parrot and owl are metal and paint; the crows are flesh and feather.)

Broadway Baptist Church (1952).

Live Stock Exchange (1903).

Spires of the Ball-Eddleman-McFarland House (1899).

Windows and walls:

Hemphill Presbyterian Church (1925).

The roofless hall of Stockyards Masonic lodge 1244 at 2408 N. Main (1910).

St. Ignatius Academy (1889).

Home (1910) of merchant George Monnig (1869-1919) on Broadway.

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2 Responses to Plumb Purty

  1. Pat Pendley says:

    My favorite has to be the Poly one! If you hadn’t explained it, everyone could have thought the crows were just baby Parrots…

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