Wyatt Hedrick (Part 3): The Three R’s and a Y

Architect Wyatt Hedrick (see Part 1) designed three schools in 1934-1935.

Riverside High School opened in 1936.

The school was renamed “Amon Carter Riverside High School.” The building is Spanish baroque style.

Especially handsome are the entries of the building.

Meadowbrook Elementary and Junior High School opened in 1936:

There once was a brook in Meadowbrook. This 1920 USDA soil map shows three small lakes fed by streams:

The top lake is White Lake. The middle lake is Fosdick Lake. The bottom lake is smack dab where Meadowbrook Elementary School would be built sixteen years later. (Map detail from Pete Charlton’s “The Lost Antique Maps of Texas: Fort Worth & Tarrant County, Volume 2” CD.)

North Hi Mount Elementary School opened in 1935.

One of the school’s first visitors was First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Ruth Googins, daughter of Joseph Googins, general manager of the Swift packing plant, had married son Elliott Roosevelt in 1933.

Mission-style parapet of the entrance of North Hi Mount on West 7th Street.

Bas-relief over a back door of North Hi Mount. The building was constructed by the federal Public Works Administration.

Today we know this downtown building as the YWCA, but Hedrick designed it in 1928 as the hall of lodge 134, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks:

The YWCA bought the building in 1955.

Like Hedrick’s T&P passenger terminal, this building has an ornate interior, especially the ballroom.

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2 Responses to Wyatt Hedrick (Part 3): The Three R’s and a Y

  1. Beverly Nabors says:

    Mike, I have really enjoyed your posts on the architects of Fort Worth. Wish our buildings of today had the character those still do.

    Do you happen to know who designed Oakhurst Elementary? At least parts of it were built by the WPA. There is a cornerstone that states this on the left side of the building on some steps railing? Just wondering.

    Thanks for your hard work!

    • hometown says:

      Thanks, Beverly. Wiley Clarkson designed the original Oakhurst building in 1928. It was only four classrooms. Has been added to several times, like most schools that are that old. The original part is to the left of the main entrance as you face it on Yucca. J. B. Davies designed the first addition in 1935. That might have been the WPA part you mention. Clarkson designed an addition in the early 1950s. Must have been one of his last projects.

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