Wyatt Hedrick (Part 4): Oil and Gas (And Fire and Water)

Richard Otto Dulaney was president of Planet Petroleum Company and Fort Ring Oil and Gas Company.

In 1927 Wyatt Hedrick (see Part 1) designed the Petroleum Building for Dulaney. (Dulaney also built the Sinclair Building, designed by Wiley Clarkson in 1930.)

While you are downtown, if you meander from Hedrick’s art deco City Hall (1938) . . .

southwestward to the art deco central fire station (1930) designed by Hedrick firm architect Herman Paul Koeppe . . .,

you might see a lesser-known Hedrick art deco gem. In 1929 Hedrick designed the Lone Star Gas Building on Monroe Street:

Originally four stories, the building was then topped up to seven in 1957. It is now occupied by the city water department.

Not all of the buildings designed by Hedrick survive, of course. Four examples are the Worth Hotel and Theater (1927), Medical Arts Building (1927), Aviation Building (1930), and Mrs Baird’s Bakery (1938, photo from University of Texas at Arlington Libraries).

hedrick obitWyatt Cephas Hedrick died May 5, 1964. I asked local architect Ames Fender, grandson of Hedrick, where his grandfather is buried. Fender said Hedrick, who was also a rancher, was cremated, his ashes scattered on his ranch near Hempstead north of Houston. Thus, there is no tombstone, no monument to Hedrick. The buildings that he (and members of his firm) designed are his monuments.

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2 Responses to Wyatt Hedrick (Part 4): Oil and Gas (And Fire and Water)

  1. Becky says:

    Good morning,

    Do you possibly have a list of all Mr. Hedrick’s buildings in Fort Worth, TX? My employer owns the property where the Berry Street Incinerator is located. We know Mr. Hedrick was the architect but can’t find any old pictures or articles on the history of it. Any help would be appreciated.

    • hometown says:

      I have e-mailed you some newspaper clips. The only photos I have seen were taken after the facility closed. It has been discussed at Fort Worth Forum.
      I know of no definitive list of Hedrick buildings. My posts have focused on those buildings that still stand.

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