Hi Mount (Part 2): Pumpkins and Porch Swings

Hi Mount (see Part 1), like the rest of Arlington Heights, grew rapidly during the 1920s. Today few of Hi Mount’s earliest houses survive, and the neighborhood is a tossed salad of architecture: new houses, old houses, big houses, small houses. Within a single block, houses may vary in age and value by ninety years and $900,000.

Belle Place, 1924.

Belle Place, 1935.

Belle Place, 1917.

Bunting Avenue, 2007.

Clarke Avenue, 1913.

West 7th Street, 1929.

Bunting Avenue, 1925.

As Hi Mount’s population increased, so did its need for more schools.

Hi Mount (Part 3): The Three Rs (Reading, Writing, and Remember the Alamo)

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  1. Steve A says:

    I’ve got a soft spot for real Craftsman-style homes.

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