Of Course, Cowtown Moos. But It Also Neighs. And Hoots. And Roars. And Oinks. And Meows. And Bleats and Barks and Chirps and Quacks and Croaks.

Some depictions of critters seen around town:

White Elephant Saloon on Exchange Avenue.

University Animal Hospital on McCart Avenue.

A parrot and an owl being photo-bombed by three real crows atop Poly High School and a yellowjacket atop Arlington Heights High School.

On Medford Court in Park Hill.

On the retaining wall of the old electric plant.

Owl on the Petroleum Building.

On Magnolia Avenue.

On North Main Street.

On Farmers & Mechanics National Bank.

A veritable menagerie in a mural on Northwest 24th Street.

Butterfly on the Lancaster Street bridge.

Iggy the iguana at the zoo.

On the Trinity River.


Elks lodge on White Settlement Road.

Dino, the corporate spokessaurus of Sinclair Oil Corporation, sits atop Paul Lemon’s restored gasoline station on McCart Avenue.

At the Museum of Science and History.

Butterfly bench in Botanic Garden.

Herons in Botanic Garden.

On the Texas & Pacific passenger station.

Lamp post pedestal at the central post office.

In the central library.

In Oakwood Cemetery.

On Houston Street.

Outside the Kroger (formerly Vandervoort’s) plant on South Main Street.

Will Rogers and Soapsuds at the Will Rogers memorial complex.

On 8th Avenue in the medical district.

On Edwards Ranch Road.

At University Christian Church.

Finally, no survey of critters in Cowtown would be complete without a panther and a longhorn. This panther is on the retaining wall of the old electric plant. The longhorn is a terracotta bas-relief on the Lancaster Street bridge over the river.


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