O’er River and Creek and Mallard (Part 1)

A river runs through us. Since 1849 that fact has been our history as well as our geography. Because of the Trinity River and its tributary creeks, in Fort Worth we need bridges so that we can get from point A to point B without having to roll our pants legs up to our ears.

Our venerable bridges (like the Paddock viaduct) and our new bridges (like the West 7th Street bridge and the Clearfork bridge and its downstream neighbor, the new Hulen Street bridge [both pictured here]) get most of our attention. But here are some lesser bridges seen around town:

Marine Creek flows under Exchange Avenue at the Stockyards. On top of the bridge in 1910 were built the Stockyards National Bank (Fincher’s White Front Western Store) and Saddle and Sirloin Club (Riscky’s Steakhouse) buildings.

This art deco-style bridge on Park Hill Drive was built in 1910 over the creek that runs through the zoo and rebuilt in 1990.

Over the creek in Overton Park.

Over a pond on a farm on White Settlement Road.

A four-fer: In the foreground, the railing of the Paddock viaduct, in the center, two pedestrian bridges at the confluence of the Clear and West forks of the Trinity River, and in the upper-left background, the Henderson Street bridge over the Clear Fork.

O’er River and Creek and Mallard (Part 2)

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2 Responses to O’er River and Creek and Mallard (Part 1)

  1. Steve A says:

    Next you know, it’ll be tunnels and underpasses around Fort Worth. Like the TRE as it approaches the ITC…

    • hometown says:

      I found four pedestrian tunnels back in August and have my eye on a particularly intriguing vehicular underpass. Now and then I hear that there are/were tunnels under downtown, built during the Cold War to connect strategic buildings. I’d like to think that Dr. Strangelove is down there yet, merrily rolling along.

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