O’er River and Creek and Mallard (Part 2)

Here are some more of our lesser bridges (see Part 1).

This bridge on the Trinity Trails path is just west of downtown and just north of Forest Park Boulevard.

In 1953 the Army Corps of Engineers began taking some kinks out of the river for flood control. Most of the old channel was filled in, but part of this orphaned bend remains as a slough of the new channel. The Trinity Trails bridge crosses the old channel at the yellow “Bridge” label.

The yellow line indicates the new channel on this 1939 map. The red mark is where the bridge is (map from Pete Charlton’s “The Lost Antique Maps of Texas: Fort Worth & Tarrant County, Volume 2” CD).

This bridge in Glenwood Park is over the creek that once fed Tyler’s Lake. Now the creek feeds Sycamore Creek just before the latter flows into the Trinity.

Over Farmers Branch Creek on the Trinity Trails path in west Fort Worth.

People bridge over the duck pond in Trinity Park.

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