What Do Banks, Coin Shops, and Dime Stores Have in Common?

Answer: Change, of course. And in their time these four buildings have undergone a pocketful of change:

City National Bank was chartered in 1877 by Martin Bottom Loyd. The bank built this building in 1885 but closed ten years later. From 1983 until 2010 the building housed Billy Miner’s saloon. The Loft store now occupies part of the building.

The building that Max Mehl built in 1916 for his coin shop is now a mixed-use apartment and commercial building.

The Grant’s dime store (1939) downtown is now The Library bar. The chain of stores founded by William Thomas Grant operated from 1906 until 1976.

The Mott’s 5-10-25 Cent store on East Rosedale is now the bookstore of Texas Wesleyan University.

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2 Responses to What Do Banks, Coin Shops, and Dime Stores Have in Common?

  1. Dana Caffrey says:

    I saw the Max Mehl building 2 weeks ago when I visited my friend aroud the area. It was a very simple building. And the community is great!

    • hometown says:

      As a child–and a young coin collector!–I went past that building a thousand times because both parents worked at All Saints Hospital down the street. But I did not know about Mehl and his building until a year ago.

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