Herdin’ Cats

Today we’re roundin’ up panthers in Cowtown, yee-hah, which is a darned sight trickier than roundin’ up cows in Panther City.

Franco Alessandrini fountain (2002) at Hyde Park (1873).

Deran Wright sculpture on the Tarrant County Administration Building lawn.

Paula Blincoe Collins bas-relief mural at the Intermodal Transportation Center.

On the front wall of the Intermodal Transportation Center.

Mural on the perimeter wall of the old power plant near the confluence of the Clear and West forks of the Trinity River.

Wall carving on the Flatiron Building (1907).

Etched glass door on the Flatiron Building.

Door of the Central Division police station in the Fort Worth Press building (1921).

Panther Island Pavilion on the river.

Panther Island Pavilion on the river.

The Lancaster Street bridge.

On a building of the Pate family’s Texas Refinery Corporation (originally “Panther Oil & Grease Manufacturing Company”) on North Main Street.

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