Previous Handlebar Headers

My handlebars have led me to some scenic places in my hometown. Below are the headers that have appeared in this blog:

April 2012: Grapevine Vintage Railroad (Tarantula, 1992) crossing the trestle over the Clear Fork of the Trinity River in Trinity Park.

May 2012: Terra-cotta longhorn on the West Lancaster Bridge (1939) over the Clear Fork of the Trinity River.

June 2012: Franco Alessandrini’s panther fountain (2002) in Hyde Park (1873) on West 9th Street.

July 2012: Grapevine Vintage Railroad (Tarantula, 1992) crossing the trestle (1902) of the Red River, Texas and Southern railroad over the West Fork of the Trinity River.

August 2012: Cowtown Cattleac (1975 Eldorado) at Stockyards Station on Exchange Avenue.

September 2012: Steps leading from Exchange Avenue to the Armour (1902-1962) and Swift (1902-1971) packing plants.

October 2012: Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Bridge (2012) and the West Lancaster Bridge (1938) over the Clear Fork of the Trinity River.

November 2012: Forest Park miniature train (1959) crossing its bridge over the former channel of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. The Army Corps of Engineers dredged a new channel in the 1960s. Now the train crosses both the old and the new channels.

December 2012: Paddock viaduct (1914) over the Trinity River on North Main Street.

January 2013: Curved stairs of the rear entry of the Swift packing plant (1902) on Northeast 23rd Street.

February 2013: Greenwood Cemetery’s (1909) replica (1986) of the Four Horses statues at St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

March 2013: The Harris Methodist Retail Building (1929). Its curved facade conforms to Henderson Street as Henderson curves to connect with Pennsylvania Avenue. The frieze has both gothic and art deco elements. Over the years the building has been occupied by, among others, a Renfro drugstore and Gause-Ware’s 1879 Room.

April 2013: The Henderson Street Bridge (1930) over the Clear Fork of the Trinity River.

May 2013: Cowtown bound: A Trinity Railway Express train crosses the Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf bridge (1903) near East 4th Street.

 June 2013: The Rose Ramp and Lower Rose Garden of Botanic Garden. Federal relief funds paid masons and other laborers $2 a day in 1933-1934 to build the Botanic Garden.

July 2013: The behemoth warehouse of the Texas & Pacific railroad, built near T&P’s art deco masterpiece passenger station in 1931. Both designed by Wyatt Hedrick.

August 2013: The frogs at the pond of the Botanic Garden Center and Conservatory.

September 2013: Airfield Falls on Farmers Branch Creek at the Trinity Trails trailhead. The trailhead is located off Pumphrey Drive near the NASJRB.

October 2013: The recently completed Clearfork Bridge over the Trinity River.

November 2013: The confluence of the Clear and West Forks of the Trinity River.

December 2013: The old central post office (Hedrick, 1933).

header-7th-bridge1.jpgJanuary 2014: The new West 7th Street bridge.

feb-2014-header-zipper-251.jpgFebruary 2014: The zipper mural painted by Stuart Gentling in 1974 on the former Williamson-Dickie building at 1111 Monroe Street.

header-water-gardens.jpgMarch 2014: A cascade at the Water Gardens (Johnson, 1974).


April 2014: Paddock Viaduct (1914).

may-2014-CTP-318.jpgMay 2014: Chisholm Trail Parkway bridge over the Clear Fork. The tollroad opened May 11.

cropped-june-14-1-pedestrian-376.jpgJune 2014: A bridge on the Trinity Trails near Bryant Irvin Road.

header-1910-bike-391.jpgJuly 2014: Photo from about 1910 looks north on Houston Street from just below 10th Street. Along the left side, near to far: Raymond House rooms and Burns and Hamilton paint store, Lyric vaudeville theater (1907; Park Central Hotel is on those sites today), Flatiron Building (1907, Sanguinet and Staats), Western National Bank Building (1906, Sanguinet and Staats), square tower of the Board of Trade Building (c. 1889, Armstrong and Messer). Along the right side, near to far: Hotel Melba, A. J. Anderson’s gun store, and Elks European Hotel (the Convention Center is on those sites today).

October 2016: Along the West Fork of the Trinity River.

June 2017: At the confluence of the Clear and West forks of the Trinity River.

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2 Responses to Previous Handlebar Headers

  1. Cathy A. Hurley, M.D. says:

    Thank you for the wonderful old pictures and stories about my beloved hometown. My dad was born in Fort Worth in 1900. My mom moved to Fort Worth from Teague,TX, when she was 12 in 1923. Both of them went to Central High School which later became Paschal. I was born in St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1949. My schools were South Fort Worth Elementary, Wedgwood Junior High, and then Paschal. We attended First Presbyterian Church where my dad’s family had been members since before 1900. Fort Worth has always been one of my greatest passions! Thank you for the memories.

    • hometown says:

      Thank you, Dr. Hurley. I was born here (Harris, 1949) but did not really “see” my hometown until six years ago when I got on a bicycle.

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