Once Upon a Plastron: Three Turtles and a Hand Puppet

Here are four web-footed reptiles seen around town:

On the Trinity River.

At the Museum of Science and History.

In Botanic Garden.

In the news. Mickey Mud-Turtle, as you recall, was a local television personality circa 1957-1962. He first appeared on Channel 11 with his co-star, the lovely Amanda Possum. Together Mickey and Amanda formed a reptile-marsupial theatrical pairing that has rarely been equaled since, not even on Dancing with the Stars. When Amanda left the act, Mickey moved to Channel 5, where he took as his co-star his sister, Michelle Mud-Turtle. (Channel 5 apparently had a lax policy on nepotism.) (Photo from Dallas Morning News, 1959.)

More on Mickey and Amanda.

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6 Responses to Once Upon a Plastron: Three Turtles and a Hand Puppet

  1. Gerald Inmon says:

    I remember Mickey and his sister Amanda what a great
    Act I was just a child when they started the act on channel
    11 I will always remember Mickey and Amanda god
    Bless them both

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