Belly Up to the Bombproof Fountain

When did you last wet your whistle at one of these? These hulks of concrete and iron may look like part of the fortifications of the Maginot Line during World War II, but they are school yard drinking fountains.

This one is at the old Stephen F. Austin Elementary School (1892) on Lipscomb Street, now corporate headquarters of Williamson-Dickie.

This one is in the yard of a school built in 1909 by the Arlington Heights Independent School District just off Camp Bowie Boulevard, now part of the Boulevard Heights Transition Center.

If these fountains could withstand fifth-graders, they could withstand Nazis.


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  1. John Threet says:

    My dad was also the principal at at Stephen F. Austin. He had only been at Hogg for a short while when they paid him extra to be the principal at both schools at the same time. They are within a few blocks of each other and he had a teaching assistant principal at both schools who was in charge when Dad was at the other schools. The original SFA’s principal’s office was on the 3rd floor at the north end of the orginial building. It was used as a bookroom when Dad was there. A cafeteria was added to the far south end of the building and Dad’s office was directly above it.

    • hometown says:

      I have noticed that now and then one person would be principal of two schools at the same time. That school is one of our oldest and handsomest.

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