Spring Is Here: Gentlemen, Start Your Weedeaters

Spring officially began this morning. Already trees are leafing and budding; cold-blooded reptiles are stirring in the warmth of the sun. In the trees chickadees are scolding; white-winged doves are asking who cooks for you; mockingbirds are infringing on the intellectual property rights of other birds. Hummingbirds are flying north, still grumbling about the TSA patdown they got at Houston Hobby.

Other signs of spring seen around town:

Tulips and pansies at TCU.

A hairstreak butterfly. Note the orange eye spot and false antennae at the rear.

A small butterfly classified as a “dainty sulphur.” Few things are as difficult to photograph as butterflies. Willful creatures.

Garter snake crossing the Trinity Trails path.

At Gateway Park a close-knit family of mushrooms.

New growth among dead stalks of cane near the ghost fork of the Trinity River.

Have you seen many wildflowers yet? I haven’t. They seem to be staging a work slowdown. They have a strong union, you know. Here’s what I have seen so far:

Have you noticed how many Texas wildflowers are yellow?

Especially if you count the ubiquitous patches of India mustard.

Of course, spring is also the time of year when hes and shes of the animal kingdom heed the primal drive of the birds and bees. Well, this is a low-budget blog, so you’ll just have to settle for one of each:

Certainly among the longhorns near Oakmont Park, love (or at least mutual grooming) is in bloom:

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