The Year Was 1877: Knives and (Really Big) Forks

Articles from the Daily Fort Worth Standard of 1877 show what life was like in Cowtown 136 years ago.

Saloons could be violent places in early Fort Worth. This story probably refers to saloon keeper Gus Rintleman. Gus and Chris Rintleman later owned the Local Option Saloon on Main Street in Hell’s Half Acre. In fact, Gus became political boss of the Third Ward, which included the Acre.

Even rural areas such as Dido could be violent. You’re having a bad day when you get both shot by a gun and stuck by a pitchfork.

Fort Worth had a population of about six thousand in 1877. In the month of September sixteen of that number did not live to see October.

Buffalo hides were still being brought into town from the plains.

Residents living near the combined city hall/jail took umbrage at the noise made by prisoners.

And the Standard took umbrage at a remark made by the editor of a Tennessee newspaper.

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