Grading on the Curve

Sometimes you gotta look up to see the architectural treats of our school buildings.

This is the entrance of Rosemont Middle School on Seminary Drive.

The original part of the building was designed by the E. G. Withers company and built in 1935.

Withers designed some great arches for this building.

I had not paid much attention to the Rosemont building since William James Junior High played Rosemont in junior high basketball during the third quarter of the previous century.

So, the other day I let bygones be bygones and got a closer look at Rosemont. Great arches.

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2 Responses to Grading on the Curve

  1. David says:

    I ran in track meets at Rosemont when I was in elementary school. Fort Worth Parks & Recreation sponsored the events and they were held during the summer. We had a summer track club for kids out in 76114. There were also track meets at Farrington Field.

    Along the same lines, my brother’s other brother (best friend in the whole world) went to Rosemont.

    • hometown says:

      In junior high, of course, we kids had to rely on the coach and volunteer adults to ferry us to games at other schools. I paid no attention to where we were going and had no idea where Rosemont, Stripling, Monnig, etc. were. All I knew is that they were not in Poly. Rosemont is a grand building.

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