Once Upon a Domino: This Because of That

Cause-and-effect is a fascinating process. No cause results in a single effect, and no effect results from a single cause, of course, but we can certainly identify individual dominos after they have fallen. For example, an earlier cause (let’s call it “domino 1”) led to the following four effects:

Because of domino 1, visitors to Inspiration Point have this view across the water to the naval air station and Lockheed Martin.

Because of domino 1, in 1969 a well-known local cryptid had a place to hang his . . . whatever cryptids hang.

Because of domino 1, northwest of town in 1940 these seaplanes floated like ducks on a pond. Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation was ferrying the planes from San Diego to England and needed a stopover for fuel in midcontinent. The city of Fort Worth provided a station to provide fuel, food, and lodging for the crews and airplanes. (Photo from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company.)

Because of domino 1, entrepreneurs had a shoreline on which to build Casino Beach amusement park in 1927.

The preceding four effects resulted from a cause that occurred in 1913:

In 1913 the city of Fort Worth built Lake Worth. But was that cause—the building of Lake Worth—domino 1? No. There was a still-earlier domino:

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2 Responses to Once Upon a Domino: This Because of That

  1. Quentin McGown says:

    Glad to see you taking up the Lake Worth story again. The Lake will celebrate its centennial next year with several planned activities to recognize its too often unacknowleged place in our city’s history and future. I’m looking forward to your next articles.

    • hometown says:

      Thanks, Quentin. The Trinity River may never forgive us for ruining its girlish figure with that lake, but ninety-nine years on, it’s sure nice to have Lake Worth piped directly to our kitchens and bathrooms—and fire hydrants.

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