Tower Power: Nine Roundies and an Eightie

Seen ’round town, ten turrets that span a century:

3342 Park Ridge (1931) near TCU.

James F. Moore house (1906, now part of the Woman’s Club of Fort Worth compound) on Pennsylvania Avenue on Quality Hill.

turret may street 1Maxwell-Liston house (1904, now Three Danes Baking Company) on May Street.

turret garveyGarvey house (1885) on Samuels Avenue.

The Swayne house (1900) on Ballinger Street. James Swayne was judge of the Seventeenth District Court.

Knights of Pythias lodge hall (1901, Sanguinet and Staats).

On College Avenue (1905) in Fairmount.

On 5th Avenue (1940).

On Brightwater Road (2009).

turret 1130 washington 1904Finally, an eight-sided turret on Washington Avenue (1904). The house was built for Frisco railroad brakeman George W. Greathouse.

And it is.

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6 Responses to Tower Power: Nine Roundies and an Eightie

  1. wade Barrow says:

    A buddy sent me a link to this. I own the last house. The story told to me by someone who had done research on Fairmount was that a recently widowed Greathouse built the house with the turret because his young daughter told her father that she wanted to live in a castle. And the turret is where she played.

    • hometown says:

      Mr. Barrow, thanks for letting us know that the Greathouse house still stands! I know it is becoming surrounded by the medical district. Looks like George went into real estate by 1910 when he was 40. I find two sons (Clyde, 11, and Gerald, 4) and wife Carrie, 35, in the 1910 census but no daughter at home. Clyde would have been about 5-6 when the house was built.

  2. Ruby Smithers Bressman says:

    Those are great…..thanks for posting….

  3. Judy Alter says:

    Great pictures, Mike. You manage to seek out buildings I swear I’ve never seen, and I thought I knew most of the historic building in the city. Keep those columns coming. I missed them for a while–was that me or you?

    • hometown says:

      Thanks, Judy. I love to collect “sets” like the turrets. When the blog turned four years old on May 27 I stopped “teasing” it on Facebook but have continued to post to the blog daily.

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