Home, Home on the River (Part 1)

Residents of the Clear Fork seen in their neighborhood this week:

When I was misspending my youth on Sycamore Creek, softshell turtles, which look like a snake that swallowed a pancake, were always the most exotic critter to catch and take home to put in the washtub aquarium. I have seen few softshell turtles in the last fifty years and none the size of this one: about fourteen inches across. I asked it to pose next to a familiar object like a soft drink bottle to provide some scale, but it just muttered something about “darned paparazzi” and took its leave.

This is a six-inch softshell sunning at the same location.

Heron with goop du jour.

A mossy ten-inch version of the silver dollar-sized red-eared sliders that we bought at Mott’s or Leonard’s for forty-nine cents.

Single file.

Home, Home on the River (Part 2)

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