How Long Has That Been There?

Stuff around town I had never noticed before:

Geology’s timepiece: The banks of the Clear Fork reveal alternating layers of limestone rock and soft soil. I had never noticed that as rainfall washes down a bank, it erodes areas of the soft soil in the shape of, alternately, an inverted pyramid and a pyramid. Layers of limestone form the top, waist, and bottom of an hourglass.

I have passed Ed Merchant’s Rox-Ex building (1941) on Vaughn Boulevard many times but had never noticed the art deco topknot at the roof.

Oakwood Cemetery has a wooden tombstone.

Birdville Cemetery has a hitching post.

“Play a few bars of Freight Train Boogie”: Just after noon at this time of year the railroad ties on the Santa Fe bridge over Trail Lake Drive cast a piano keyboard shadow.

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2 Responses to How Long Has That Been There?

  1. Rob Knowles says:

    I love walking old cemteteries. Around the corner from my ranch in Godley is the “Old Bethany” and “Buchannon”. These things are amazing. Bunches of Texas Infnatry Civil War markers, a few hitching posts and a lot of pioneer’s. The earliest head stone I have seen is a birth date of 1797-1849.

    P.S. on FM1902, Old Grandbury Road at Caddo Peak, across from the new Joshua school is “Caddo Grove Cemetery” where Joshua was before the KATY or T&P came through. It is the only relic left of Caddo Grove. It too has some amazing things to see.

    • hometown says:

      Rob: The old country cemeteries are fascinating. Have been in many in Hood, Johnson, and Erath counties. The one on Rock Church Highway near Tolar has an old church and a narrow old suspension bridge over the Paluxy.

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