The Year Was 1877: Marshal Jim

Articles from the Daily Fort Worth Standard of 1877 show what life was like in Cowtown 136 years ago when the city’s population was about six thousand.

Jim Courtright worked both sides of the fence: lawman and outlaw. In 1877 he was, at least officially, a lawman—Fort Worth city marshal. Ten years later Courtright would make big headlines after his fatal shootout with Luke Short. But as he went about his duties as city marshal in 1877 he made small headlines. (Photo from Tarrant County College Northeast.)

Courtright’s duties as city marshal were many. Of course, he dealt with acts of violence, as these two clips show.

But Courtright also dealt with nonviolent offenses. The Standard commended Courtright for his policy concerning vagrants.

He also found time to do some social work.

Courtright even found time to put down his shootin’ iron and pick up a rake.

More on Jim Courtright

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  1. David Mcknight says:

    Left a message for you on Messenger-
    I’ve been cast to portray Courtright in the film Project
    ~ Of Myth & Legend ~ listed on IMDb

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    I recently bumped into your blog for the first time whilst researching the Turner Oak. (I linked to you from my post, in fact.)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that you have a brand new fan. (I even ordered your book from Amazon.)

    Have fun & see you ’round the interwebs!

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