North Fort Worth High School, 1915: “Brackety Cax, Co-ax, Co-ax!”

Giving equal time to the far side of town (see links to East Side yearbooks at bottom), here are images from the 1915 The Lasso, the yearbook of North Fort Worth High School.

lasso frontThe Lasso was first published in 1913. In the clip from the May 7, 1913, Star-Telegram, Sol and David Greines were sons of Meyer Greines, who was born in Russia. The Greines family owned a furniture store on North Main Street for many years. The city of Fort Worth annexed the city of North Fort Worth in 1909.

lasso big 3The school’s principal and the school district’s superintendent and assistant superintendent.

lasso buildingsThe main building (Waller, 1909), built for $20,000, originally housed Circle Park Elementary School and was located near today’s J. P. Elder Middle School (1927) and its annex, which originally was the next North Fort Worth High School, built in 1918.

lasso seniorsFour members of the senior class. Ida Greines was the sister of Sol and David.

lasso yellsSapolio was well-known brand of soap.

lasso shoplasso orchestra lasso delta chislasso basketball

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4 Responses to North Fort Worth High School, 1915: “Brackety Cax, Co-ax, Co-ax!”

  1. Al Garcia says:

    So the main building fromerly Circle Park Elementary Became Northside High. Where did the elementary students move. Did they share rooms with the High school?
    I attended 1st grade only at Circle Park Elementary in the science building 1945 before going to MG ELLIS and remember the NORTHSIDE HIGH banner atop the building.

  2. Dale hinz says:

    Again an interesting blog, I’m looking forward to the south and west issue to see which schools you pick…..Thanks…Dale

    • hometown says:

      Dale, those two were low-hanging fruit: I found the North Side yearbook online, and I own the Poly yearbook. Someday I’ll get down to the library and scan some yearbooks from south and west.

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