Faces: Sentries of the Silent City

Our cemeteries are not only our outdoor history books but also our outdoor art museums. The older cemeteries especially have statues, bas-reliefs, even photos. Here are some faces of the silent city.

cemetery face metal PR angel 1Weathered bas-relief on a cast-zinc tombstone at Pioneers Rest (1850).

cemetery face angel pointing PRAngel at Pioneers Rest.

cemetery face boy oakwood 2Bas-relief at Oakwood.

cemetery face confederate oakwoodConfederate soldier statue at Oakwood.

cemetery face boy oakwood 3Oakwood.

cemetery face angel with wreath oakwoodOakwood.

cemetery face angel oakwoodOakwood.

cemetery face angel bosom greenwoodGreenwood (1909).

cemetery face oakwood mary 1Oakwood (1879).

cemetery face baby asleep oakwoodOakwood.

cemetery face praying side greenwoodGreenwood.

cemetery face evans cameo rose hill 1Cameo on the tombstone of a member of the Evans Roma clan at Rose Hill (1929).

cemetery face supper 3 moDetail of The Last Supper, Mount Olivet.

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4 Responses to Faces: Sentries of the Silent City

  1. joe greiber says:

    ery cool,exactly the kind of stuff I go to old cemeteries to look at.

  2. Sally Campell Rios says:

    What a wonderful blog! I saw a link to it on the “Remember In Ft. Worth. . . ” Facebook site a couple of days ago and I have been spending hours here since then.
    I wonder if the old lady pic from Rose Hill is a FW Roma? All that treasure worn on her neck!

    • hometown says:

      Thank you, Sally. Based on my research, she was indeed a Fort Worth Roma. I went out to Rose Hill to photograph those cameos after reading about the Romas.

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