Class on Glass: Something Old, Something New, Something Classic, Something Blue

Architecture in Cowtown is a marriage of classic and modern. Here are some classic structures juxtaposed against big blue boxes.

glass courthouse domeCourthouse (1895, Gunn and Curtiss).

glass pythiasKnights of Pythias lodge hall (1901, Sanguinet and Staats).

glass plaza 2Plaza Hotel (1908). The hotel, built by Winfield Scott, opened as the Inman Hotel. Scott spent $300,000 ($8.1 million today) on his Fort Worth buildings in 1908, including building the Inman and Terminal hotels and expanding the Metropolitan Hotel. That year Scott also built a two-story commercial building on the courthouse square, tearing down the two oldest buildings in town, built in 1859, one of brick, one of adobe.

glass lamp post omniCentral post office (1933, Hedrick).

Clock tower of the Intermodal Transportation Center.

glass henderson 2Henderson Street bridge (1930).

glass pr obelisk 2Tombstone at Pioneers Rest Cemetery (1850).

cemetery face oakwood mary 1Oakwood Cemetery.

glass westernWestern Union Building (1931, James B. Davies Sr.).

glass st andrews electricTexas Electric Service Company Building (1930, Hedrick) and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (1912, Sanguinet and Staats).

glass waggoner

Waggoner Building (1920, Sanguinet and Staats).

glass woolworthWoolworth Building (1926, Clarkson).

blackstone finialsBlackstone Hotel (1929, Withers and Mauran, Russell & Crowell).

glass bicocchiBicocchi Building (1909) on Jennings Avenue.

glass burk burnett 3Burk Burnett Building (1914, Sanguinet and Staats).

glass burnett meachamMeacham Building (foreground) (built for Sanger Brothers) (1925, Clarkson) and Burk Burnett Building.

Texas & Pacific passenger terminal (1931, Hedrick).

glass city nationalCity National Bank (1885, Haggart and Sanguinet).

glass transport 2Farmers and Mechanics National Bank (1921, Sanguinet and Staats).

glass st james 1Greater St. James Baptist Church (1918).

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  1. earl bekcher says:

    The Knights of Pythias building was torn down. This is a copy by Bobby Bass and friends.

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