Who? (The Cyclist)

The man between the helmet and the pedals is Mike Nichols, who began rediscovering his hometown by handlebar at age sixty-two. A former columnist and travel writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and author of Balaam Gimble’s GObjects in mirror are closer than they appear.umption, Lost Fort Worth, and Live From the Boneyard), he is a journalist by training, a slacker by inclination, and a Texan by providence.



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  1. Lita Campbell says:

    My 18 year old grandson is extremely interested in Fort Worth and its history. He was showing me some photos of Bewley Mills where my father worked — turns out it was on your website. He has really enjoyed your work, and now I am, too!

    • hometown says:

      Thank you, Lita Campbell. Tell your grandson that he is at least forty-four years ahead of me. I did not become interested in Fort Worth history until I was sixty-two! If I had gotten interested at age eighteen I might have had time enough to tell all of Fort Worth’s stories.

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