Who? (The Cyclist)

The man between the helmet and the pedals is Mike Nichols, who began rediscovering his hometown by handlebar at age sixty-two. A former columnist and travel writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and author of Balaam Gimble’s GObjects in mirror are closer than they appear.umption, Lost Fort Worth, and Live From the Boneyard), he is a journalist by training, a slacker by inclination, and a Texan by providence.



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  1. Barbara Grenier says:

    This is a fantastic website! My great nephew who is 18 years old told his grandmother about it (my sister). He is very interested in Fort Worth, and he said he has everything you need to know. I’ve been reading it too – my father worked at Bewley Mills before it went bankrupt. Fascinating! Daddy actually worked for them in Puerto Rico selling Bewley’s Best before moving back to Fort Worth. I also read Lost Fort Worth and Balaam Gimble’s Gumption and enjoyed them both thoroughly. I’m proud to have been a classmate of yours at Poly! Oops, I see now my sister Lita Campbell already told you the story about her grandson. I’m leaving it in! Thank you so much for this website and also the Poly67 one!

    • hometown says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Barbara. When we were at Poly High I was probably less interested in Fort Worth history than were most of our classmates. So I have had a lot of catching up to do in the last eight years.

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