Who? (The Cyclist)

The man between the helmet and the pedals is Mike Nichols, who began rediscovering his hometown by handlebar at age sixty-two. A former columnist and travel writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and author of Balaam Gimble’s GObjects in mirror are closer than they appear.umption, Lost Fort Worth, and Live From the Boneyard), he is a journalist by training, a slacker by inclination, and a Texan by providence.



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  1. Keith Bowden says:

    I just discovered your site. My adult son playfully teases me about my recent fascination with Fort Worth history. He lives in the Firestone apartments and I don’t think he realizes he’s right in the center of it all. Thank you so much for sharing all this information. I’d love to have coffee with you sometime.

    • hometown says:

      Thank you, Mr. Bowden. Your son is indeed surrounded by history. The Firestone service center building turns ninety this year. From the Firestone apartments you could throw a rock to where Fess Parker lived and where the body of Maggie Tewmey was found nailed in an outhouse. And where John Peter Smith lived. And where the first house in Fort Worth stood. Like you, my interest in Fort Worth history is relatively recent, and I have had lot of catching up to do.

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