Who? (The Cyclist)

The man between the helmet and the pedals is Mike Nichols, who began rediscovering his hometown by handlebar at age sixty-two. A former columnist and travel writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and author of Balaam Gimble’s GObjects in mirror are closer than they appear.umption, Lost Fort Worth, and Live From the Boneyard), he is a journalist by training, a slacker by inclination, and a Texan by providence.



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  1. Jim King says:

    I manage the Texas Railroad Interlocking Tower website which attempts to document the 200+ railroad interlockers in Texas, many of which had manned towers. Polk’s Tower in Ft. Worth was one of these, officially Tower 126. Although it was less than a mile south of Tower 55, we’ve never found a photo of it. Do you know of any photos of Polk’s Tower?

    • hometown says:

      Great website, Jim. Wish I could help with Polk’s Tower. I see the roof of the tower in a 1952 aerial photo, but that’s it. Don’t find anything on Portal to Texas History. Don’t find it mentioned in the S-T by either name.

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