With What? (The Gear)

My camera is a Nikon D40 with the Nikon DX 18-55mm kit lens and a Nikon DX 55-200mm telephoto. My bike is a hand-me-down entry-level Trek 820. Not lightweight but very dependable. Two sizes of Allen wrench will take care of most any repair or adjustment.

3 Responses to With What? (The Gear)

  1. Wes Thompson says:

    What an incredible blog. I grew up in Fort Worth (now live in Cresson). You are continually presenting history that even my Grandparents never told me about. When I was little one of my favorite things to after visiting my grandaddy at the Coffee Clinic on Broadway……was to go through the underground turns off of Vickery with my grandmother. Keep it coming…please

  2. Tony Delroy says:

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